"Our main focus is strategic decisions based on the long term goals of our partners."

Federico - CEO, Grease Magic

Hood Cleaning Las Vegas


We approach every hood cleaning project as if it were our own business.

Our goal is to make your hood cleaning experience dazzle you. We want every detail paid attention to. We want you to be confident that your hood is sparkling and SAFE.


Grease Magic Hood Cleaning

Grease Magic is a Las Vegas-based hood cleaning company. Our purpose is to make your system grease-free and comply with NFPA Code 96 (National Fire Protection Association) and to meet the standards of the Health Department, so there is no risk of fire or health hazards to your employees or guests in your establishment.

We specialize in the following:

Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning: This includes the cleaning and degreasing of the hood, all accessible ductwork throughout the building and the exhaust fans for the system (normally located on rooftops). They came to us because of our reputation (and so they could do the casino thing)

Cooking Equipment Cleaning: Let us make your cooking equipment look the best it can! We will remove all food and grease composites on your equipment, making it safer to use, more hygienic and extending the life of the equipment. We also coat your burners and burner tops with high heat paint to really make them stand out!

Full Kitchen Cleaning: In addition to hood systems and cooking equipment, we can detail your entire kitchen, including floors, walls, sinks, sink areas, dishwashers, prep counters, refrigerators, freezers, ice machines and pretty much anything else you may need! We will custom bid anything you would like cleaned in your kitchen!

Exhaust fan repairs: We also do exhaust fan repairs. Whether you need a new unit or your existing one can be repaired, we are the guys to do it!


Grease Magic offers free estimates on all of its services!
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